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  • Jingzhou Xinjing Chemical
    Committed to glutaraldehyde, propylene ether and epoxy resin production research and development

    Jingzhou Xinjing Chemical Co., Ltd. is invested by Hubei Xinjing New Material Co., Ltd., and it was founded in June 21, 2007. It is investment project of Jiangling county. Main products are glutaric dialdehyde, allyl ethyl ether and epoxy resin, etc. Total investment of the project is 50 million Yuan RMB, 27 million Yuan RMB is invested in production equipment, 19.6 million Yuan RMB in plant and public works, 3.4 million Yuan in land purchase. In December 2009, the company passed the acceptance of the completed environmental protection construction project, and the acceptance of safety production permit. 

    At present, the company owns 65 employees, among which 15 are engaged in the development of new products and new technologies, 10 are managerial personnel, 31 are front-line workers. Our engineering technicians are committed to improving technological conditions by continuous technical transformation. In Environmental protection, safety production and other fields, the company has a set of effective preventive measures. All technical and economic indicators are stable, and the expected effect is achieved. 

    Insisting on the development policy of "technological innovation, eternal Xinjing", the company strives to strengthen safety and environmental management, improve various rules and regulations, and it carries out various education trainings regularly for improving the quality of staff. Under the unified coordination of the head office, the company is dedicated to developing new products, new technologies and new techniques, thus the company can get a piece of the market at home and abroad. In 2013, the annual production capacity was 3,500 tons, and the annual output value was 60 million Yuan RMB. In 2009, the company was evaluated as Advanced Unit for Safety Production in Jingzhou City, as Top-10 Enterprises for Safety Production in Jingzhou City in 2011, and won Advanced Unit for Fire Prevention in Jiangling County the same year. Furthermore, the company was the Growth Engineering Award by Jiangling County Party Committee and by County Government.

    • Jingzhou Xinjing Chemical Co., Ltd.
    • Jingzhou Xinjing Chemical Co., Ltd.
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    The main products are glutaraldehyde, propylene ethyl ether and epoxy resin.
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    Jingzhou Xinjing Chemical Co., Ltd. is willing to establish long-term friendly cooperative relations and common development with all friends.
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    Company Address:27 Donghuan Road, Jiangling County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province

    E-mail: linzhenxing@xinjingchem.com


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